L'Sota Workshops & Seminars
For Couples

and Single Females

New and veteran couples and single females to "Swinging" "Swapping", this Workshop/Seminar focuses on and is for you!

This is the perfect venue for you as a couple to learn, expand as well as truly discover what the Swinging Lifestyle is and is not!

You DO NOT have to be a married couple to attend as a couple. You know, many couples have the desire to explore Swinging a.k.a. the Alternative Adult Lifestyle.

The issue for some is that they are not really sure what it's all about. For an example, the male of a couple many not know for sure how to approach his wife or significant other etc. or may not know for sure on how to bring up the topic.

This Workshop/Seminar addresses that issue with the two of you together. In any case, you will have the opportunity to learn as well as to ask any and all the questions that you desire.

In fact, is Swinging right for you? Are you having issues reference swinging/the Alternative Lifestyle that you would like to discuss? Does your partner have apprehensions about entering into or continuing in the Lifestyle? How do we or I meet other couples and singles that are real? How do we or get the MOST out of "Swinging" and "Swapping"? What are the pitfalls? These are just a very very few of the many topics that shall be discussed at the Workshop/Seminar.

This Workshop/Seminar is totally optional and is NOT a requirment to attend or become a member of L'Sota. The Workshop/Seminar is only for those that truly desire to improve upon their possible enjoyments of Swinging as well as to discover and learn how to fully explore their sexuality as a couple.

Make no mistake, the L'Sota Workshop's/Seminar's are much more comprehensive and, therefore more lengthy in time then a pre-Dance Blast orientation or the pre-Play Nights orientation.

The bi-yearly Workshop/Seminar series each are approximately 4-5 hours of enlightening information including a question and answer session. You must be 21 years of age or older to attend, pre- registration and pre-payment is required, ID's will be checked upon arrival.

The Workshop/Seminar's are held in a discreet location that meets L'Sota's guidelines. We will be hosting our next Couples Workshop/Seminar in the summer of 2015 in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area.

Starting time is 1:00 pm and will conclude at approx. 5:30 pm. Please be at the location by 12:30 pm to complete registration.

You must pre register for this Workshop/Seminar. Payments for this event must be received by L'Sota two (2) weeks before this event in order for you to attend.

Simply click on the "Workshop" button below to register.

Cost to attend this comprehensive couple/single female 4 hour plus workshop as a couple is only 49.95. This does NOT INCLUDE your yearly L'Sota membership. This event dose fulfill your required pre event orientation should you desire to become a L'Sota member.

This offers a perfect opportunity for couples   to relax and actually hear from individuals that are well versed and highly respected in the swinging community, as well as the L'Sota hosts/co-hosts and others within L'Sota and the Alternative Adult Lifestyle.

The Workshops/Seminar's are NOT parties! Although we have fun, we don't per se play as in swing and swap during a Workshop/Seminar.

For all couples that have ever thought about or even simply talked about the Lifestyle/Swinging and L'Sota but have yet enterered into it, this is the venue to attend! Learn about L'Sota as well as the Lifestyle in a relaxed, secure and discreet setting.

Topics that will be presented include but are not limited to

*Basic terminology *Two men, one woman *Two women, one man *Jealousies are my feelings ok? *Watching your partner enjoy others *Internet Hook-up's *Rules of "your" road *Writing an effective profile *Etiquette *STD’s and HIV *My feelings as a bi female *Why swing? *Websites, good & Bad *Testing for sexual transmitted diseases *Bi female sexuality *Bi males, now what *How to say NO and mean it *Personal hygiene *What do we as women expect? *What women desire *Attitude vs. looks & performance *Is it for me or us? *Why my partner wants to swing *Condom use *What is L’Sota? *How do orgies really work *Do men hear us? *To party or not to party? *What to expect and what not to *The positives and negatives *Drinking and swinging *Truths vs. myths *How discreet is it *How safe are women *Is this dating *How to approach your partner *Are we to old *Is it difficult to simply enjoy *The religious aspect *Nuts and Bolts of swinging *Communications *Turn a "maybe" from her into yes *Body image *What is respect *What is a Dance Blast Social *Why she will desire to attend *Can I handle my wife with other men? *Why men become jealous *Your partner is always number one *How to meet couples *What is a Meet & Greet *What if "it" heads south *Partying Friendship, is that it *Is swinging what you really think it is *What is a convention *The end result *How to "locate" partners and so much more.

Watch the Calendar of events for dates for our workshops. Feel free to call us with any questions 319-329-3306.

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Questions? Simply call or e-mail us direct at

(319) 329-3306.

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