The L'Sota Advantage

Many couples and many single females feel that L'Sota is the finest and most member friendly, respectful, discreet as well as the most hedonistic swing club they have ever attended. L'Sota is a true swing club.

If you're looking for a drinking club, a club of recreational drug users, a TEEHEE club, a club filled with cliques, a club where people won't take "NO THANK YOU", as "NO THANK YOU"  L'Sota WON'T be for you!!

What do we mean when we say L'Sota is a true Swing Club? L'Sota IS A club where you, as a single female or couple, can experience, experiment and enjoy your sexuality to the fullest.

As hosts, we are always up for playing with other couples and single females. Simply ask us! As long as you're clean, as in hygienically clean (freshly showered) and enthusiastic we are always up for playing.

L'Sota is totally discreet, secure and full of sexsational fun single females and couples.

There are couples that attend L'Sota that are new to swinging and swapping, these couples may or they may not desire to play with others because they are unsure of what they want of even if they are right for the Lifestyle, which is fine.

We understand, it maybe difficult for some, even those that have swapped a few partners before, to actually think and believe that sex can be as as open, honest and without the hassle that it is. Hell, after all, it's simply hedonistic fulfilling sex with, hopefully many orgasms.

Many of us that have been swinging, playing or that have been involved in purely recreational sex for years, are tested on a very regular basis. For us as the hosts, we are tested every 6 weeks.

There are those that truly desire to get naked and indulge in swinging and swapping with another or many other couples, L'Sota is the place to party.

At L'Sota's it's such an open enviroment that couple(s) or single female(s) are able to do what they want, where and when they desire (behind closed doors), as long of course all sex is 110% consentual by all involved..

There are those couples that atend L'Sota where the male of the couple simple desires his female partner to be played with by another male(s). This is one of the many fantasies that can be filled at L'Sota.

To get the very most out of your L'Sota experience you must COMMUNICATE fully with your partner as well as with those you desire to play with!

Ask what you desire of another couple or single female. At L'Sota you're able to ask another couple if they would be intereted in getting together to play. It's really that simple! It's not like you're at Saks 5th Ave walking up to a couple or single and asking if they would like to get naked with you...LOL.

What you will discover at L'Sota is that L'Sota is a club of average, every size, every color and shape hedonistic, non-judgmental, everyday adult middle class and up couples and single female L'Sota members.

L'Sota members are real people that work real jobs, many have kids who are still in the nest or have recently left. Those that attend L'Sota are simply everyday people just like youself that simply enjoy sex to the max.

Another advantage of L'Sota is that all members are on the very same page. That page being sexuaility with total discreet, respect and fun with other like minded adults. Couples and single females refreshingly are able to speak openly with each other about what they're into and what they aren't. That keeps the game playing to to zero! Those that in fact desire to play games don't last long at all as they stick out like Micheal Jordon in a Jockey's locker room.

The average age of those who attend a L'Sota event typically are mid-to-late 30's and up. You won't find obnoxious, drunk, disrespectful "Raise Hell" people at L'Sota.

At L'Sota you won't have single males following you around, bothering or weirding you out......Why? Because L'Sota permits only a very limited number of well screened single males.

Even though we do permit a very limited number of well screened and interviewed single males, we do not have one "single male" that has applied for a "single male" membership.

Couples who desire a "single" male to join them for play, simply asks a male of a couple to join them. Many couples will play separately, of course, with the approval of their partner.

The L'Sota Dance Blasts are comprised of professional DJs playing all your favorite dance music from the 50's through today's top and latest rock, pop, house techno, country, and blues including top club mixes. Requests are always welcome. All of this in a private setting.

Music will be played at a volume so it's possible to conduct a conversation as well as to keep the dance floor high energy for dancing.

Our Dance Blast socials are like a dance club or bar but so much better. At a dance club they let ALL adults in.

Specialty dances may include the L'Sota Spoon Dance which is an excellent ice breaker, as well as the Ladies Only Dance in which the ladies are able to dance exclusively with other women in the darkness on the dance floor.

L'Sota member couples and single ladies who attend L'Sota know that cleanliness as well as discretion is of the utmost importance at L'Sota. You should have no worries about others placing "what happened" or "who was with whom" or "who said what" on some online site.

L'Sota is NOT about a popularity contest or about how much or what a person drinks. L'Sota is simply all about fun, excitement and of course hedonistic pleasures where: "NO THANKS" really does mean NO thanks!

L'Sota is all about adult couples and single females that truly and openly desire to explore and experiment with their true sexuality in a clean, secure and safe setting. At L'Sota, you may always go at your own pace and explore your sexual comfort levels on your terms.

At a motel/hotel event you're able to obtain your own motel/hotel room where you are able to entertain others or simply entertain that special someone.

Relax for a fantasy evening or weekend of pure enjoyment with only the two of you, or with others. At L'Sota it's always your choice.

If an Orgy Room Group Experience is your desire, the post - after dance  Orgy area, features a large private play area where you may play with others.

If the Orgy Suite is beyond your comfort level, simply kick back with other like-minded couples in the Hospitality Suite and bring your favorite beverage. At motel/hotel parties you may snack on the provided muchies. Mingle, discuss world events, sewing, the weather, sports, or your favorite fishing spots.

Comfort IS L'Sota. Bring along your robes or your PJ's and lingerie for the Hospitality Suite. All of this and more under one roof!

For those without a room, the Hospitality Suites offers showers which you're more than welcome to utilize anytime the Suites are open. Please bring along your own towels and soap if you desire to use the showers.

Become a L'Sota member today, we would love to meet you.



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