What is L'Sota?

L'Sota is a true 100% totally discreet adult members only upscale swing club that was founded in the Spring of 1989.

Since that time, L'Sota has offered discreet, safe, fun and secure settings where adult couples and adult "single" females meet, mingle, dance, have fun and even "play" with other like-minded adults.

Single women as well as couples simply love L'Sota! We DO NOT PERMIT ANYONE to "bother" or pressure single ladies, or anyone for that matter to do anything they are not 110% comfortable doing!


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Single females as well as couples are able to attend, dance, relax, mingle and let their hair down. If they desire, they certainly can enjoy others in a very discreet and respectful setting.

L'Sota warmly welcomes all couples and single females of all shapes, sizes and colors. Friendly and fun is L'Sota.

The age of those attending L'Sota range from late 20's to??. What we have found over the years is that many 30ish year old females and couples actually do enjoy "older" men and couples. Gee - possibly they desire experience?

Some older 40's and up females and couples enjoy younger men and couples in their 30's.

L'Sota has a perfect mix of all ages. Something for most everyone, it's like attending a sexual Smorgasbord. If you as a couple or single female are REALLY into pure hedonistic playtime with others without all the "BS" L'Sota is for you!

L'Sota is NOT a "Pin The Tail On The Donkey" type of club or a club to see how much you can drink. L'Sota IS a true adult Swing Club, where YOU are able to get naked and enjoy other like minded adults if you so desire.

If you think you're "to young" as in being 20ish to attend, then you've never attended a L'Sota event. If you think you're "to old" to attend?....Your only limitations are you!

Many of the member couples that attend would certainly be on the USA Olympic Fuck Team if there was such a thing!


1) Do you want to meet other couples and "single" females that, like yourself, have no agenda(s) other then to simply enjoy and explore their sexuality?

2) Do you truly want to sexually enhance your relationship?

3) Do you and your partner have a great relationship?

4) Do you as well as your partner both agree that swinging - playing - as well as providing as well as receiving sexual pleasures from others, it that your desire?

5) Do you as a "single" female or you as a couple both truly have a very high libido?

6) Are you concerned about discretion?

7) As a couple, are you both sexually on the same page?

8) Are you seeking quality couples and "single" females?

9) Are you as a "single" female or you as a couple totally secure with your sexuality?

10) Do you practice excellent personal hygiene and expect all playmates to do the same?

11) As a single female are you seeking sexual fulfillment without all the "crap" that so often goes along with a "relationship"?

12) As a male of a couple are you honestly interested in your female partner experiencing as well as experimenting with other males/females?


          If you answered "YES" to all of the above questions, you are most certainly right for L'Sota!

If you answered "YES" to a few, L'Sota may be right for you. We may even be able to help you become more comfortable with your body as well as your sexuality.

L'Sota is a "not for profit" club. Memberships as well as fees associated with attending a L'Sota function goes directly to help pay the costs of the motel/hotel ballroom(s)/Hospitality & Group Suite(s) advertising, music etc.

It does cost money to put on events as well as a hell of a lot of time involved. Let face it, "some" expect FREE parties, Free drinks, Free Orgy Rooms, Free Dj, Free this that or the other etc.

How many "recreational" activities can one do totally FREE? Fishing, hunting, boating, bowling, racing, flying....You get the point. Hell, since you have read to this point on this page, you're not one of "those" that we are addressing....LOL. Sorry!

Sure, a free Meet & Greet at a bar is one thing but to provide all the extras that true swing club owners put into a top of the line swing club?

In all honesty and simply put,"some"are, for what ever reason, unable to afford certainly things in life and that's ok. Not everyone drives a new car or carries a Coach purse.

The hosts of L'Sota have been totally involved in swinging a.k.a. the Lifestyle for well over 25 plus years. We actually do live the Alternative Adult Lifestyle on a daily basis. We truly care about your success within (call it what you may) The LifeStyle, Swinging, Swapping or sexually playing respectfully with others.

L'Sota is NOT a"let's see how drunk we can get" "or let's see if we can act like 16 year olds, or act like total asses, raise hell and get stupid type of club". If you're seeking a club that caters to that type of behavior, please look elsewhere!

L'Sota warmly welcomes all from any Alternative Lifestyle, including but not limited to; straight couples, straight single females, bisexual couples, bisexual single females, as well as lesbian couples and lesbian singles.

As long as YOU'RE honest with yourself and others within the Lifestyle about your sexuality, we welcome you!

As we are well into a new decade, progressive changes will be and are being implemented at L'Sota.

Since making many positive modifications and improvements to L'Sota, we've experienced many new quality couples as well as single females from as far away as Canada that have joined and attended L'Sota functions.

Couples and single females from the Omaha, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Des Moines, St. Louis, Chicago area as well as many Iowa and Midwest couples and single females have of course joined and have played and partied at L'Sota.

We attribute the welcome change in membership to the professionalism of the members and hosts, the locations and, very importantly, the total discretion that has always been offered at L'Sota for many years.

Ask yourself these questions: How important is discretion as well as your privacy? What is that worth to you? Do you really want others to know that you attended or do attend functions where there are "swingers" or to post on web sites who slept or played with who?

L'Sota doesn't do CLIQUES! Most couples and single females that attend L'Sota have friends outside of the Lifestyle as well as most are professionals with very busy lives and families with very litle spare time. Many have no desire to take an "entourage" out to dinner with their partner. Hell, many don't have the time to even take their partner out to dinner.

They do however, on occasion, have the time and most certainly the desire to make it to L'Sota to hedonistically enjoy their sexuality with others.

Discreation at some open functions such as "Meet & Greets" goes out the window. Unlike the typical bar room Meet & Greets, L'Sota Dance Blast Socials as well as all of L'Sota's events are held in totally private and secure motel/hotel ballroom settings. L'Sota events are totally discreet, open only to current L'Sota members IN GOOD STANDINGS!

EVERYONE that is in a ballroom that L'Sota utilizes during a dance are current L'Sota members in good standing. EVERYONE who is in the Hospitality and Group Suites after the dances are current L'Sota members in good standing.

You must be 21 years of age or older to attend any L'Sota function as well as to become a L'Sota member.

To visit the most asked questions area click here.

L'Sota is one of the most discreet and secure swing clubs that we are aware of. Your personal privacy is one of the many important aspects of L'Sota.
L'Sota Dance Blasts and Camp Outs are held in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area. Click here for Dance Blasts information.
L'Sota Play Nights are held in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area. Click here for Play Nights.


Dance Blast

5:00-5:30 - Check in for all new members
(New couples and singles will need two forms of ID)

5:30-6:30 - Orientation required for all new members

8:00-8:30 - General membership check in for dance

8:00-8:30 - Soft music/meet & mingle

8:30-11:30 - Dance music

Midnight-3:00 - Hospitality/Group Suite

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In the motel/hotel settings the ballrooms are secure non - smoking, private with professional DJ's playing your favorite dance music from current Pop - Rock - Club Mixes - Oldies - House- Techno - Blues - Country and all your requests. The professional sound and light system is simply incrediable. Many weddings as well as general parties, outdoor and corporate events are played by these DJ's

All L'Sota Dance Blasts begin at 8:00 pm and concludes at 11:30 pm. The members-only Hospitality and Group Suites opens at midnight for mingling and group party pleasures.

All new couples and single female members joining L'Sota must attend a one time pre-event orientation which gets underway at 5:30 pm the evening of the event.

We invite YOU to experience the discreet hedonistic adventures and fun at L'Sota. We look forward to meeting you.


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