The locations where L'Sota's dances are hosted must not only meet our high standards, but many other elements are taken into consideration before a location is chosen. Convenience, security as well as cleanliness of not only the sleeping rooms but of the entire facility is carefully checked as is the attitude of the staff . The amenities offered to our members at a location also plays a major role in our selection. No Smoking in the ballroom is another plus with our locations.

Locations of functions change as we do utilize more then one location. We do this to keep those that only desire to "see" away.

The difference between L'Sota and regular generic Meet & Greets is that L'Sota's locations are secure, private and discreet. At L'Sota you'll know that everyone at a dance is a L'Sota member, there for the same reason that you are, that is to meet-open minded, fun adult people.

L'Sota is truly an adult "Meet & Greet" only much better. One of the many advantages is your ability of "meeting" and actually being able to "play" by simply going to your room, which is, at most, a 5 minute walk.

L'Sota is totally geared toward couples and single females that do not desire the hassle or the possible "outing" of being placed on display or viewed by those not fully associated or even remotely associated with swinging or the Lifestyle.

Ask yourself these questions. How important is discretion as well as your privacy? What is that worth to you? No one is permitted to enter the Hospitality or Group Suites that is not a L'Sota member.

L'Sota is a total NO PRESSURE, NO THANKS means NO THANKS swing club. We look forward to meeting you at one of our many upcoming L'Sota events.


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Questions? Simply call or e-mail us direct at

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