Single Males Workshop

Let's get to the point here, allow me to simply ask you a few question - How many times have you wished your wife, your girlfriend, your significant other or even a woman you recently met and dated would attend L'Sota or any swing club, or, for that matter any swinging event with you?

Have you ever asked yourself "How do I meet 'the kind of women' that will attend swing clubs or even better, how do I find a woman that will do threesome, moresomes or simply enjoy one-on-one sex?" How do I find women that are seeking only "friends with benefits"?

This Workshop is held annually consists of 3-4 hours of informative information. The next one will be held the summer of 2015 in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area.

How can you meet women that will swing, play and that really enjoy sex?

Guess what? You will be able to discover these, as well as many more "secrets"at the "Single Male" Workshop. Do we guarantee it? Nope, nothing in life is a sure thing.

You can't buy this information. It won't be sold on a video, CD or on written pages. The only way you're able to obtain this information is to attend the in-person discreet "Single Male" Workshop.

You'll learn techniques that have works for many years. Yes, YOU can do them all starting by using what you already possess and a little time and effort. How much time? That totally depends upon you.

This is not a relationship workshop. This won't solve any matrimonial issues, nor will your income improve because of attending. This adventure is geared toward all men that simply desire to learn how and where to discover a swing partner.

Talking With Your Partner

Men, are you having difficulties talking with your wife, significant other or a female about the Lifestyle? Could it be you really don't know what it's all about? That OK, we ALL, yes, ALL of us had to start our Swinging adventures somewhere!

Just like your profession, no matter what your occupation or profession is, you had to start at the beginning to learn it, and it didn't happen by simply thinking you knew what you were doing.

Do you desire to gain the knowledge to speak intellectually to your wife, significant other or a female prospective partner about the Lifestyle?

Do you ever wonder why you as a single male are unable to "find" a partner and how some males have one or more? If you are dating, do you have a partner but you just know if you do talk about the subject of the alternative adult Lifestyle better known to some as “swinging” she will tell you,"no way" "bye bye now"?

If Only

Don't feel alone, trust me, there are a large number of males who desire to know as well as learn all that they can about swinging, however, due to ego problems, some feel as though they know it all……..Gee, perhaps if they did one would think they would have a number of partners! Ask yourself, do those that "know all" have partners?

If they are simply talking the talk, but not walking the walk, perhaps it's time to quit listening to them, suggest they park their ego and attend this workshop with you!

Those of us that have been active within swinging and those of us that play and enjoy with a number of women have all been taught one way or the other. Ever attended the school of hard knocks? I bet in one way or the other you've attended at least one course in your life!

If there had been a workshop of this kind when many of us started swinging, dating and indulging women, most all of us would have jumped at the chance to attend! I know I would have - it would have saved me a lot of time, frustration, trial and error and money!

Topics Discussed

*How to approach your partner *Turn a "maybe" from her into yes *Your partner is always number one
*What to expect *Body image *What is respect?
*Jealousy issues *Nuts and Bolts of swinging *Personal hygiene
*The truth vs. the myths *What women desire *Partying
*How the web can get you laid *What not to do online *Bull or not to Bull
*How to meet couples *What if it heads south *The religious aspect
*Is it what you think it is? *What is a convention? *Friendship, is that it?
*What is a Dance Blast Social? *The end result, what may we as a couple expect? *STD’s and H.I.V. Testing
*How to "locate" a partner if you are a single male *Online, what to avoid and what not to *Why she will desire to attend
*How to write an ad that works *Websites to avoid and why *Websites to use and why, some are even free
These are a few of the topics that wil be discussed. No topic is taboo! Bring your questions, your coolers and your favorite beverage. No smoking is permitted in the workshop. Breaks will occur so you are able to smoke if you desire.

Cost To Attend

This workshop is a 199.95 value all day long, and a bargin at that, but for the first six males that register you'll be able to attend the Mens Workshop for only only 89.95 But wait, there is more!

Once you have pre-registered and pre-paid attended and completed the "Single Male" Workshop, you'll have 45 days to use your certificate of Workshop completion to become a couple member of L'Sota for 1 year FREE! That's how convinced we are that you will have found a partner to bring to L'Sota within 45 days after completion of the Workshop.

That means that you're able to use your certificate to join L'Sota within 45 days of the wokshop as a couple for 1 year! You and your female partner will have a NO COST L'Sota membership for ONE FULL YEAR - PLUS your first L'Sota function will be FREE!

Check the upcoming schedule here, on the L'Sota website, for information on "For Men Only" Workshop dates, you'll be glad that you did!
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Questions? Simply call or e-mail us direct at

(319) 329-3306