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Click on the "Fantasy Pages" Button at the bottom of the page but first.........These pages will go over many fantasies that many couple as well as singles have either desired to fulfill or have fulfilled.

Make no mistake, as long as EVERYONE involved are/is on the same page and 100% consenting adults and are totally comfortable with the fantasy, there is little that can't be fulfilled to the satisfaction of all.

One issue of fulfilling a fantasy is that not many will actually talk about their desired fantasy with others. This may be a big mistake! How would someone know if they desire to be a part of that fantasy without communications unless they are a Psychic?

For some of us, most if not all of these fantasies have been fulfilled at one time or another. Your comfort level is just that - YOUR comfort level. As you think about accomplishing your fantasies, one thing is very important -  that being the comfort level of your partner(s)!

After all, if it's something that he or she is not willing to try in it's original form then a suggestion would be to modify the scenario or kept it as is - simply a fantasy!

There are sites on the web where couples and singles discuss their fantasies, but do you really know if the fantasies are meant to be fulfilled, or simply to remain a secret desire? We're here to put to rest any misconceptions of that.

At L'Sota you are able to meet other couples as well as other single females and very few sponsored single males that want what you, if you're a single female, or you as a couple and your partner desire. That being total hedonistic pleasures in a clean and safe setting where everyone attending is in fact on the very same page. That page is simple: SEX! There, I said it!

If you read the ads on various sites, the same phrases are repeated: "No strings", "no drama", "clean" -  these are words or phrases you see over and over. Couples and singles who either write, or reply to the ads are looking for these things for a reason! They are not interested in developing relationships first, although if that's your desire that's perfectly all right.

Most often their purpose is to simply discover and provide SEXUAL PLEASURE. At L'Sota, you can do so in a safe, discreet and clean environment.


Let's talk about something that comes up for everyone who practices a hedonistic Lifestyle. We're talking about clean. Now, clean can mean disease-free, but it also refers to hygiene. If you're wanting to fulfill a fantasy, make sure you're dealing with the basics first: SHOWER! Use deodorant and make sure you brush your teeth!

"Clean" is not sitting in a car for hours getting to a party or a hook-up, or sitting in a bar all night, then grabbing a room and getting it on. Present yourself to your partner and/or partners smelling good.

Who desires to suck cock or eat pussy that hasn't been near a bar of soap for several hours? If you're renting a motel room to play, take advantage of the shower. We simply mention this because people who haven't yet swapped or those who get so excited at the mere thought of the possibilities of swapping, playing or indulging sometimes forget the absolute basics!

Okay, off we go with fantasies. As we progress, there may be comments made by those that have sent their observations of such fantasies. Please feel free to send us your comments as well.

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