Let me first thank you, if you're in fact reading this page, and obviously you are, you're among the many couples and/or single females that truly are interested in swinging, swapping partners, L'Sota and the Hedonistic Lifestyle.

If you're serious about swinging, swapping, etc., please read our site in its entirety. We think you will discover L'Sota is NOT what you think it is, or what you may have been told that it is.

Let us say that many feel as though they are experts in the "swinging arena," even after swinging, wife swapping, playing, or fucking like bunnies (call it what you may) both privately and within the club for 21 plus years, we are NOT professing to be nor indicating we are experts!

Therefore, if you feel you're one of the totally "cool" and most beautiful in appearance Ken & Barbie couples that only desire to mingle, be observed with and maybe (and "maybe" is the major key word), even play with the most attractive - and you dislike and would never lower yourselves to everyday, average looking people......Please keep looking as you WON'T fit in at L'Sota!

Unfortunately, there honestly are couples like this, believe it or not! We as hosts are an average couple, but we are a couple with a hell of a lot of experience with swing clubs, and helping other couples get started along their way as well, and, of course, playing with couples and single females.

Yes, we have been doing the club thing on a monthly basis now for 21 plus years. That is one hell of a long time and MANY parties if you think about that. With that in mind, I guess we just did!

Let's see, that is somewhere in the area of 250 Dance Blast Socials with just L'Sota plus Play Nights for another 150ish functions. With a conservative average per orientation before each function of perhaps 6 new couples and 1 single female per event, WOWSA! Therefore, we have orientated well over 2100 couples or 4200 individuals and 300 single females?? Holy shit!!

Yes, we live the Alternative Adult Lifestyle on a daily basis, whereas many live it much like they do a trip to the casino or a trip to a sporting event, meaning on an occasional basis.

There has been many wonderful books written and published covering Swinging, The Alternative Adult Lifestyle, Wife Swapping etc. If you prefer to read about swinging as opposed to actually talking with those that really do know about it, then the books are, in fact, the way to go.

Many that claim to know something about a particular subject often times can and do damage those that know nothing or have very little knowledge on a subject for the simple fact they really don't know what they think they know....LOL if that makes any sense?

If you really truly desire to learn something, the best way to learn is to become educated and for most all of us that involves time. A simple analogy, just as there are many "shade tree" mechanics, there are, in comparison, few true ASE certified mechanic.

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