Orientation Overview

L'Sota has experienced great success with orientation. Orientations permit couples and single females to discover if L'Sota and the Alternative Adult Lifestyle is right for them. This is a very important part of the L'Sota experience.

Regardless of the length of time you may have been part of the Alternative Adult Lifestyle, it is mandatory for new member couples and single females to attend and complete orientation before attending any L'Sota function. Orientation is, with few exceptions, held before a L'Sota event. Total time for orientation varies from one to one-and-a-half hours, depending on the number of new couples and new single females attending. The presenters of L'Sota's orientation are couples and/or single females with years of experience in L'Sota as well as dedication to the Alternative Adult Lifestyle.

The orientation presentation is given by L'Sota representatives who have been invited to, and have given workshops and orientations for new couples at almost all of the major national conventions including, Conclave - Chicago, Illinois, Conclave "The Sequel" - Chicago, Illinois, The Lifestyle Organization convention, Visions - Florida, Happenings - Michigan, in addition to many other clubs and smaller regional conventions throughout the US. 

The atmosphere at orientation is casual, with information delivered in such a way you will discover exactly what L'Sota is, and what the Alternative Adult Lifestyle, or "swinging" is all about. We urge you to write down any questions and concerns you may have and bring them with you to orientation.

During orientation, we often we hear males of "couples" state, "My wife wouldn't do that." This is another reason why L'Sota's orientations are so beneficial. It allows you as a couple or single female to ask questions as well as see and meet people that are involved in L'Sota. Orientation gives you the chance, once and for all, to put to rest the "myths" as well as the "stereotypes" and all misconceptions of what the Alternative Adult Lifestyle and L'Sota is all about.

We have received feedback many times from couples and single females who have stated over the years that "If it wasn't for L'Sota's orientation, we, or I, wouldn't be in the Lifestyle." Most often it is the male of a couple that suggests to his wife or significant other that "swinging" would be a great idea.

Many times in the beginning or before entering into "swinging" the female of a couple is apprehensive about the situation. What we have found to be true is that once the couple attends a L'Sota orientation, the female of that couple discovers that "swinging" (the Alternative Lifestyle) is not what she thought it was. In fact, many times after orientation it is the female of the couple that is even more excited and interested about L'Sota than her male partner. 

Some of the topics that are covered and discussed at orientation are: STD's and HIV, how to meet other couples and singles at a dance social or how to intermix with others on Play Night. There is discussion on how to say "no thank you," how to say "yes," body image, how to deal with jealousy, female bisexuality, why male bisexuality is so often hidden "under the table" in swinging, how a couple can approach singles, do's and don'ts, etiquette within L'Sota and the alternative Adult Lifestyle and much more.

All of your questions as well as your concerns and "wonders" shall be addressed and answered. No question is too bizarre to be asked.

Orientation is designed to give you the information you need to make an informed decision. You are under absolutely no obligation to enter into the Alternative Adult Lifestyle when you attend orientation. And, once you have completed orientation, you make the decision when you are ready to take that exciting and sensual step forward into the Lifestyle.

Enjoy the Dance Blasts and Play Nights and join in the fun when you are ready! And, as a new couple or new single member to L'Sota, your first L'Sota Dance Blast Social, OR your first Play Night is also included with your membership. Members also receive discounted room rates at Dance Blast functions.

L'Sota, as well as the Alternative Adult Lifestyle, is not always right for everyone, nor is everyone right for L'Sota or the Alternative Adult Lifestyle, but for those of us that it is right for - WOW!, it's definitely fun, exciting, sexsational and a great adventure! 

You will find that L'Sota's pre-Dance Blast Social and L'Sota's pre-Play Nights orientation is one of the finest and most comprehensive of any club orientation that is held anywhere in the US. Join us and the L'Sota membership. Start having fun the adult way!

The hosts of L'Sota want you to make the most of your swinging adventure. Once you are a L'Sota member, we will help you any way we are able; we are only a phone call or e-mail away. We truly care about you!

Pre-Dance Blast Social and pre-Play Nights orientation topics that will be covered include, but are not limited to: Dealing with jealousy / What is swinging?/ Is swinging correct for us? / What can we expect at a party? Dealing with guilt / The day after the night / Are we really ready? How to say "no" / Body image / Meeting others / What to watch for / Do you really want to swing? How to say "Yes" / Separation of Love & Sex / STD's and H.I.V. / The use of condoms / Female Bisexuality / What ifs / Your comfort levels / Your rules / Where to turn for support / Proper etiquette / Single females / Single males / Open vs. closed swinging / You and your partner / Euphoria following an encounter / Why swing? / Pitfalls / Discretion / Anonymity/ And much more.

However, because of time constraints, pre-Dance Blast and pre-Play Night orientations are limited in the amount of information that can be given. L'Sota offers an expanded and even more comprehensive workshop. To learn more, visit "Seminars" on this site for more information and registration information.

Hear from the hosts of L'Sota as we give you "no bullshit" information about what L'Sota is and what L'Sota is not. There are no questions that won't be addressed, all topics shall be covered. This is the perfect opportunity to speak with swing club leaders on a virtual almost one-on-one basis.

As a new couple or as a new single member to L'Sota your first L'Sota Dance Blast Social, OR your first Play Nights is also included with your membership. Members also receive discounted room rates at Dance Blast functions.


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