Play Nights Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Where is Play Nights held?

A. Play Nights is held at an upscale Motel/Hotel in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area

Q. Are single males permitted to attend?

A. No, only couples and single females are admitted.

Q. Is Play Nights discreet?

A. Yes, very! Most that attend are professionals that require total discretion and expect te very same in return. You won't read who did who or who will or did attend on any website.

Q. Will be be totally nervous attending and getting naked?

A. What we have been told and what we have discovered over the past years is that once you're naked and with someone the nervousness and anxieties vanish very quickly. The feelings you may experience are probably anticipation.

Q. How many couples are permitted to attend Play Nights?

A. Play Nights is Limited to 5 couples OR for an example 4 couples and 2 single females, 3 couples and 4 single females.

Q. How many couples most often actually attend Play Nights?

A. It varies, most often we are full, depending on weather etc. it could only be 2 couples and maybe a single female. No matter the numbers it's always a sexually fulfilling evening.

Q. You indicated that personal hygiene is important, can you provide some suggestions?

A. The very basics are; Brush your teeth and tongue, keep your breath fresh. Wash your pits and use deoderant, wash your ass, balls and pussy well! Wash your hands, use soap or a feminine wash after peeing etc. No one desires to smell "ass" or smelly balls before or during sex. You are welcome to use the shower at the Motel, please bring your own towels and soap etc.

Q. Is Play Nights an orgy?

A. Yes, it is. You are still able to say "No Thank You" which of course means NO thank you reference doing anything with another couple or single female.

Q. What if we don't know anyone that will be attending?

A. No problem. At Play Nights you will become quickly familiar with others that are in attendance. It is simply fulling hedonistic sex.

Q. We want to attend, I want to fuck other women but my female partner won't play with any anyone, can we attend?

A. Do you think that is fair? Is it really she has no desire to be pleased by others or is it you don't want her to fuck anyone else? I think you better not attend.

Q. We are not sure we are ready for Play Nights, should we come and just check it out?

A. Probably not. Play Nights is for those couples and single women that are extremely secure with their relationship as well as secure with their sexuality.

Q. Can we just come and watch at Play Nights?

A. NO! Some couples really don't want other to just watch. If you have no intentions of playing, please don't attend.

Q. What if we desire to attend but we don't want to play with others?

A. You might feel out of place, a suggestion would be wait until you are comfortable with an orgy or multipal partner setting.

Q. We want to attend but I will have to get my partner drunk before she will do this, will this work?

A. If she or you need to be drunk to swing, please don't come. It might work for you but sorry, it won't work for us. Anytime you must use alcohol to play, you don't belong at ANY L'Sota function.

Q. Do we use condoms at Play Nights?

A. That choice is totally yours. A few couples do, most don't. By the time you're truly ready for Play Nights you will have work this issue out. If you require condoms, make sure you bring those along.

Q. If it's our rule to use condoms then what?

A. Then stick with your rules, if you require condoms then, as a suggestion, you might want to indicate that when you are ready to play at Play Nights. Make sure you have enough condoms with you.

Q. Play Nights sounds like fucking only, it this true?

A. Your are correct. Play Nights is grass roots swinging, many like this as it's a no "bull shit" approach to hedonistic pleasures. Your able to come play for a few hours and simply leave.

Q. Is it a myth that we should be friends with others first to have sex with them?

A. Do it anyway that is right for you. Personally, we would have to say YES, that is a myth! But that's just us. Most couples and single females desire to come to the room get naked without the need for alcoholic beverages. They have sex because it feels good. Some are not secure enough with their sexuality or their relationships to just have sex with others.

Q. This sounds interesting, but what happens if we get to Play Nights and determine it's not for us?

A. Then you simply leave. All that attend would prefer that you leave then to stay and feel uncomfortable.

Q. OK, are there and gross people that attend?

A. We would like to think not. Hygiene is of course paramount in importance at Play Nights as Play Nights is geared to total intimacy. If a couple would register for Play Nights and they would not be suitable for Play Nights, they would not be permitted to attend.

Q. Must we join L'Sota to attend Play Nights?

A. Yes.

Q. It's only $35.00 to attend Play Nights as a couple, why is that?

A. We rent a Motel/Hotel room at a facility, since we limit it to 5 couples, average 5 X $35.00 = $175.00 plus 12% tax which is the average cost of a Motel/Hotel room. Thus, the 5 couples are splitting expenses for the room.

Q. So how does L'Sota make money?

A.  We don't. L'Sota never has been a "for profit club". We never have done L'Sota to make money, we simply try to break even.

Q. We want to register how do we do so?

A. Go back to the Play Nights page, you are able to register via Paypal here on line. If you desire, you are also able to mail your check or money order into L'Sota at L'Sota, P.O. Box 1075, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402

Q. If we have questions how do we contact L'Sota?

A. You may contact L'Sota via e-mail at or by calling 319-329-3306. If you receive our voice mail, simply leave a message with your name and number, we shall discreetly return your call. We work "real jobs" so we are not always able to answer you call.

Q. If I'm a single female, will everyone be all over me?

A. If you're a single female, and you are Bi sexual or Bi curious you will receive much attention. But remember, No thanks means No thanks!

Q. Are there experienced swingers that attend?

A. Yes. Dave as well as his female partner(s) host Play Nights, they will always be there playing but ready to answer any and all of your questions.



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