These comments were written by couples that have attended L'Sota's Play Nights. These couples, some have been active within the swinging Lifestyle for a number of years, others are new, never had swapped partners before. If you're a member of L'Sota and have a comment that you desire to be placed here and shared upon this page simple e-mail that to us at

From L'Sota..............We implemented L'Sota's Play Nights for the simple reason that some of us truly enjoy swapping partners. NO drama, NO getting drunk, NO crap, NO dinners, NO getting to know the dog, the kids or how large your home may be etc. To simply get naked and enjoy others with clean bodies and open hedonistic minds for an evening of orgasmic pleasures, that's what Play Nights is all about.

Many couples we had talked with were tired of not meeting in person as many did and do have a desire to actually play. It's extremely difficult to actually "enjoy" online unless of course one is into long distance mastubation only kind of couple.

They loved the L'Sota Dance Blasts and the Group Suit but wanted something where they didn't have to wait to play. They wanted something where they showed up played with others that were safe, clean as in d/d free, freshly showered and ready. They could then be home in 3-4 hours, with NO DRAMA, NO CRAP and not have it be a late evening.

Some it seems love to "flirt", "Tease" and basically act like asses and not get laid! In a bar, at a Meet & Greet, that seems to be the way it is. If we're damned lucky maybe and maybe may be over stating the fact, maybe we'll get laid!

Many we spoke with were tired of the Meet & Greets where the "Wanna Be's" seem to collect and congregate as well as many smooth talking stud's that can't and don't get laid in the "real world" but wants to fuck YOUR partner. Gee, think there is a reason why they don't have a partner?

There are still those that truly desire to be "swingers" as in swap and enjoy sexual pleasures. Online, in a forum or in a bar, anyone can be a "swinger" and a "swapper" but when it comes down to it many are simply "fantasy swingers" only.  Play Nights weeds those "fantasy swingers" out so you are able to enjoy true hedonistic swinging/swapping.

How many times in a year we get calls from males that want to come to a dance or Play Nights and hear "my partner is so beautiful, she's model material".... Ya, So? Hell, there are beautiful race cars without engines that look great sitting in the garage or in the trailer but simply don't, can't or won't perform.

At Play Nights it's not a matter of "I wonder if we'll play tonight" it's how much play will we get tonight. For some, particularly for some males, that's difficult to actully hear or see their wife or partner enjoy pleasures with other men. In the fantasy world it would seem to these men maybe cool even erotic but again, in the "real world" it scares the shit out of em. More so for the men then women believe it or not!

Now, per bars and Meet & Greets, this is not to say that there is anything wrong with sitting around talking for hours if you have the time to spare and the conversations are stimulating. Some couples simply have the need and desire for extensive social networking. If they are "friends" then to have sex with their "friends" sometimes seems to be justified. Then the question goes long does it take to be a true "freind" as opposed to an acquaintance?

Some feel they are seeking only to play with the "Ken & Barbie" type couples. What the hell, you're not going to marry them, live with them or spend the remainder of your life with them. You're going to simply have sex with them.

A word of caution!!!!! Some are looking for more then simply sex! We cover this in orientation.

Some of us have very busy lives where our professions as well as family commitments leaves us little time to play. I know that we would prefer to play as in actually physically play then to sit on the computer, sitting in a bar (we never have drank) wasting time with bogus couples. There is only 24 hours in day.

For a number of couples what they call swinging is simply all about "let's get drunk" and then maybe just maybe we will play, if we don't pass out or if they can get it up. Then if they do play it was simply because we were drunk that we swapped partners...not becasue we really want to indulge. Talk about high school mentality.

Different strokes for differnt folks, if that's your cup of tea or if that floats your For those that desire discreet play.....Play Nights is for you.


Submitted by Kim and Sam


Dear Dave & Bonnie,

This was a "Out of this world" experience for my husband Sam and I getting together with both of you on "party naked night! Not only did both of us feel so comfortable and relaxed, but also super turned on with how natural the eroticism flowed out of both of us, with our fantasies fullfilled with a complete swap in the same room!!

And for me,{Kim} it was the first time Dave, that I had more than one orgasm in one sex session! How could I not, with so much hot licking, sucking, and fucking on both our parts! And with me {Kim}, being bi sexual, seeing Bonnies' beautiful naked body, her such pretty face and smile, and the undescribable hot pleasure I felt as I saw and heard as she was being pleasured and brought to a intense orgasm.

Words cannot describe seeing and hearing my husband being pleasured too!! Bonnie was so right when she said,"what is the point of getting to know each other and then party. This is of course for serious folks. Like Dave said "plain ol' grass roots sex".

We went to so many swing clubs, dances, Meet &Greets, did the munchies, and talking, but not much fucking. We would spend hours coming home not completely fulfilled.This is the most sex fun we have ever had. Well folks, this is recreational sex and not a dating and getting to know each other thing and then maybe..!!!

{Sam}Thank you Bonnie and Dave, Kim and I had a blast that we will never forget, and the best group sex we have ever had!!! Finally we did a full, complete swap, and Kim's orgasmic experiences, and seeing her being pleasured also turned me on! That is what "get naked and play nights," is all about What a blast, and it was sexciting fun!! We are looking forward to attending more play nights, and attending future social dancing as well! Check out the attachment, we have enclosed a photo for you!

Love Kim and Sam


Submitted by Krista and Richard

We wanted to share our experience of attending Play Nights with others. Our background, we were new to swinging and in our early 40's. We have been married for 18 years, 2 kids, we are of average looks etc. We had attended a few Meet & Greets as well as a few club events in central Iowa. We found those events to be boring, more of a drunk-in then a swing party. We had met some nice couples but it just wasn't as exciting as what we wanted.

We had determined that we wanted to have sex, after all that's why we made the choice to swing in the first place. We didn't want to sit and talk all evening, if we wanted that we could would stay at home online or talk on the phone. After talking about it, and experiencing what we did at the clubs (not L'Sota) we had attended as well as the Meet & Greets, we registered for Play Nights.

The website information from the L'Sota site was exact, what we found upon arrival was a motel room, candle lite and few other couples. We completed our orientation earlier that evening. We found Dave & Bonnie to be very knowledgeable, friendly, sexy as well as open and to the point on answering our questions.

At 9:30 Bonnie announced "it's time to get naked." Everyone started to disrobe which was so very exciting but also scary...Why? I have yet to figure that out because within moment I was standing next to a woman with my hands on her breasts while Krista had her breasts being licked up. The other couples we paired up, the female I was with she and I guided our way to a bed where we laid down.

Krista is a "screamer" within what seemed like minutes I could hear her explode which turned me on even more then what I was. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the max I was turned on at in the 25 range. The woman that I was playing with and I indulged in oral, then we "did it" and more oral before we "did it again" then we both had the most intense orgasm.

It was GREAT! After an hour or so everyone had completed round one. Sitting and talking the girls switched to a new partner and it started all over again. Krista came over during the break and was rubbing my shoulders. I asked her if she enjoyed it she answered YES! We split a bottle of water after which she kissed me and off she went across the room.

After the evening of play and after everyone had played with all of the opposite sex....and of course most if not all the women had also played together, it was midnight. After the good by hugs and hand shakes we left. We talked all the way home (120 miles) about the evening. In all honesty it was one of the best evenings of our lives. When we arrived home we dove into bed and made love for hours.

We found that all the couples were very clean, educated and fun. These are the type of couples that we enjoying
being around. Couples that actually want to and do play. Couples that are interested in sexually satisfying the person or persons who they are with at the moment. There was little drinking, I think one couple brought a few beers and drank one at one of the rest period, for us it was good ol' bottled H2O. I know I needed the

We're not experts but would recommend Play Nights for any couple that really wants to swing. You may feel a little apprehensive while taking off your clothes but within seconds that subsides, apprehensive will immediately be replaced with total sexual pleasures and sexual fulfillment's. Krista lost count on how many orgasms she experienced, I find that to be fantastic! I know I had 4. We attended our first Play Nights in October 2006 and we will be back to every L'Sota function we are able to make. Thanks L'Sota!

Krista & Richard


Comments from Bonnie


Love American Style

Getting caught up in “The Dating Game”

I'm Sure we have all seen the show at least once in our lifetime.  In fact, just the other day I saw a re-run featuring that buff, body builder named Arnold. It was the first time I wondered if the show was staged?  

I suppose these were truly eligible people open to the dating market, but were the contestants inspiring actors and actress trying to make a name?  Further, did the TV show ever conduct a follow up with the matches made to see if any of the couples became emotionally involved?e we have all seen the show at least once in our lifetime. 

In fact, just the other day I saw a re-run featuring that buff, body builder named Arnold. It was the first time I wondered if the show was staged?   I suppose these were truly eligible people open to the dating market, but were the contestants inspiring actors and actress trying to make a name?  Further, did the TV show ever conduct a follow up with the matches made to see if any of the couples became emotionally involved?

Love American Style came about in an era where people were learning about sexual exploration without responsibility of emotional commitment. If you are like me, I was not old enough to understand that there was a revolution going on in our society. I have a hard time imagining myself living through such a movement that earned Americans the right of sexual freedom.

 On second thought, I do live in this society. I am free to enjoy whatever my sexual desires conjure up (which is why I partake in the lifestyle).  I am surrounded by others that have the same simple desires to participate in recreational sex.

Recreational sex: Sexual favors performed for mere pleasure and enjoyment, much in the same way people play golf, or football. A sport for everyone to enjoy. Having said this, I feel a deep concern for clubs and club members that fall short of educating on the pitfalls of members when they become wrapped up in "The Dating Game".

The dating game can be defined as couples that require emotional exchanges before or immediately after sexual encounters with other couples. More often, couples are focused on "getting to know someone first" before they give their partner or themselves permission to indulge in recreational sex (a.k.a. swinging). I have heard of many couples that have to balance the same number of dating encounters with sexual encounters. In other words, first they do dinner, then they do sex. Or, first they get together to talk about life events, then they do sex.

Does anyone else see what is wrong with this picture? Furthermore, why do people feel the need to "date" before they can play? This is not recreational sex. This is a development toward a relationship with another person(s) besides your life partner.

I know some of you will have a strong argument that because of anti-trust in the world today, this is the only way to feel safe. I can certainly agree with this line of thinking, but listed below are four questions to think about. If you are able to answer yes to at least two of the questions, then I strongly urge you to re-evaluate your lifestyle and seek out lead members of your club for more guidance.

1:  My partner or I require that we talk at least two or three times with the other couple before we will swing with them.

 2:  My partner or I require that if we meet someone at a dance and we are interested in getting together outside of the club, we at least need to get together and talk, maybe over dinner.

 3:  My partner or I require that if we go to another dance, we expect to be with the same couple each time.

 4:  My partner or I require that if we buy dinner for someone, then we at least expect the favor to be returned.

 5:  My partner or I require that we know the first and last name of the people we are getting together with, and they know ours as well.


 Re-evaluating your lifestyle does not mean you need to give up swinging.   It means that if you feel the need to establish a level of trust before swinging, then maybe your club owner or hosts aren’t doing a very good job in securing your interests?

One of the best ways to know if your club is truly interested in the health of you and your partners relationship can be found through attending a club sponsored orientation. You should be able to define how the club views members, what the club views as important, and what type of support can you expect once the party is over.

I'm not talking about public forums and e-mails. If a club that you are interested in attending does not provide a required orientation, then I would say, it's time to find another club to attend as your first club. You don't think you need orientation? I say, if any club lets you enter without it, then it sounds like the club may not have your best interests in mind.

Orientation is the perfect time to get through what I call "the date". You and your partner will meet other new couples, as well as hosts and co-hosts of the party and of the club. Orientation should put your mind at ease as to what you can expect and what type of members will be present at the dance. The best thing you can do is really listen to the advise.

At L'Sota those that administer the orientation are couples that understand recreational sex. This may help you in your own pursuit towards swinging and keeping it a truly recreational sport. This way, you can spend time "dating" the person you are most interested in having a emotional relationship with.

One last thought to think about, if you are really looking for the purest form of recreational sex, without the social pressures of dating, I would suggest that you venture in Play Nights, which does not focus on dinner or dance.

For some dinner, dance, socialization can add social pressures such as what to wear or which fork do I use or is a new tie in order? These thoughts can be just as clouding to the mind as dating issues. Once you and your partner have attended orientation and feel comfortable with other members, I strongly suggest finding a party that focuses on getting right to the recreational sex. That leaves dinner and dance for another night for you, just you as a couple to enjoy. 

Please note, I only suggest this if you or your partner are comfortable enough to ask for help should you find that either of you are having trouble dealing with the emotions that you might feel from participating in this type of party. This is not to say that if you were to attend a dance and then decided to swing that the end result would be without emotional strife.

It's very possibly going to happen the first few times that you swing with the person you love (your partner). Emotional feelings such as these are natural and often expected, which you should learn about during orientation.

One final thought to leave you with. Remember the first time you asked someone out on a date? Was it easy? Did it come naturally without stress? What were you trying to gain by spending "quality" time with the person you asked? With all this said, do you see how dating another couple can make things more complicated than they have to be?

"The Dating Game". If you want to date, by all means, I encourage you! I bet your partner would really enjoy an evening out on the town, just the two of you like old times.


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