You Won't Believe It

These are "clip-it's" from various couples and singles through out the country that have posted on different sites with questions as well as with statements and responses per swinging.

Let the questions, drama and comments flow. Some make total sense, some are funny as hell and still others are utterly ridiculous. Some wonder why they're "swingers" but not getting laid......

Feel free to add to this by submitting to us your questions, statements and comments. The names will always be redacted (not displayed). Remember, we love it all!

Hey....these are NOT L'Sota's posting OR reply's!!! OMG, kick back read maybe snicker a little....LOL. We have placed one or two "comments" where indicated.....just couldn't help it!!!!


How many sexual partners have you had - men or women? (this question was in fact asked upon a swing site)

Women - less then 10 .....7.3%

20-39....................           15.6%

40-59..................              4.2%

60-100..................           8.3%

lost count.............            8.3%

Men - less then 10..........11.5%

20-39....................           19.8%

40-59....................           2.1%

60-100..................            8.3%

lost count.............            14.6%

(L'Sota......If this was off a poll of a "dating" site ok but, off a swing site? In the 40-59 partner range the women are fucking more then men, AND in the 60-100 range, it appears women are fucking as much as men....imagine that! Sheeeee ladies, keep it a secret, don't tell "him" that or you may be grounded.....LOL)


(Question that was placed upon a national poll) Do you get jealous of your partner "playing" with someone else?

(Here are the choices within that poll)

Do not get jealous of my partner "playing" with someone else?...................................................................................................51.1%

Sometimes get jealous of my partner "playing" with someone else....21.6%

Do get jealous of my partner "playing" with someone else?..............2.2%

No comment..........................................................................................21.1%

(L'Sota -  I would have to say that if you only play with yourself you may not have a comment or you simply may not care.....LOL  LOL   LOL)


........Ok Just about EVERY profile on any site says Discretion is a MUST....However what is your definition of Discretion? Ok here is mine for what it is worth, In the Dictionary it is described as, carefulness, prudence, caution, GOOD judgement, maturity Diplomacy and tact. So, what I get from this is that when you Play with another couple what is said between you is kept between you, Good Judgement! You DO NOT spread it around that you have played with this one, that one or anyone else. Saying you know someone is.... ok if you need to "drop" names in my opinion, but you don't have to say you played with them. Carefulness and maturity. You do not Dis anyone else or talk about them in a bad way, Diplomacy....So why is it then when you tell another couple or person about a personal matter they think they have the right to tell someone else that you all know, if i wanted others to know i would have told them , To me that is not Cool...But then I may be way off base here, but I don't think so....Any thoughts or comments??????

REPLY; Its more of a public issue for me. When I am playing with a couple I don't mind if we want to be wild and crazy but if we meet on the street or at some other NON-playing function then a discreet "hello" is more apropos.

I must be naive as I was kind of assuming that whether someone lists themselves as "discreet" or not they will not be talking about others behind their backs...

REPLY; Unfortunately, some people are not trustworthy...Live n learn...What goes around, comes around...

REPLY; This is all true, but discretion goes both ways. Don't tell acquaintances things you don't want everybody to know.

REPLY; Who you play with is between you and that person or couple. I feel if you need to make reference to a specific action or details leave out the persons names. I also feel if you have issues with ppl you should take it up with that person and not speak ill of them in any manner, after all would you want them saying ill things of you? More often than not it seems if you tell one person something in confidence the entire world seems to know and when asked by who it seems they always say from a mutual friend. Is is so much to ask to keep your privacy and trust that when you seek advice or talk to someone about an issue at hand? This is just my .02 cents worth.


OK. Here it is: YES! COCK SIZE DOES MATTER AND THE ONLY REASON WOMEN LIE AND SAY IT DOESN'T IS TO PROTECT THE EGO OF THEIR UNDERENDOWED LOVER / HUSBAND, Etc. Not only are larger cocks more visually appealing and stimulating, the feelingmof deep penetration and fullness is how the vagina was designed. A longer and thicker cock with a large mushroom shaped head creates an indescribable sensation of vacuum that pulls a girl's uterus downward stretching otherwise unused flaccid muscles that are attached to nerve endings in the spine creating the most powerful intercourse orgasms! If your girl has never experienced an orgasm during intercourse that almost causes her to almost lose control of her bodily functions, you are depriving her of a God-given sexual pleasure that causes raging releases of oxytocin (the love/intimacy hormone)! GET OVER YOUR EGO and either allow her to experience intercourse with a well endowed male (you can be there to watch) or buy her a large dildo AND a large and thick vibrator. She will love you for it and your sex lives will improve and your relationship will grow in intimacy! Sorry if this hurts any feelings but as a woman I am sick and tired of this perpetual lie about "size doesn't matter!". The only women who say that with a straight face are those yoked / linked / attached / married and-or otherwise in love with men with smaller penises and are in denial! So please people, let's get over the crap and speak the truth. After having had more than 60 lovers in my 10 year sex life I believe I am uniquely qualified to comment on this and cut through the political sexual rhetoric!
Thank you for taking the time to read my posting!

(Written by a woman)

REPLY; ok as a woman who does gang bangs once a month and has done over 20 guys in a night and 43 in a weekend let me add size does matter when your talking str8 up sex. however i get off just as much with my hubbys 8 inches as i have with a guy of near 12 inches.. so im thinking when your with a man for 18 years and he knows all your buttons and you love him perhaps size is not an issue theres a bond there that more then makes up for size. that said hubby does love to see me with huge men. and i love being a slut. but lets not say there is no place for smaller men. some have given me a wonderful time even tho they were not big. that would just be rude and untrue. so for all you men under 8 inches some of us women would welcome you and love to have fun with you.. use what you have and play on. btw if 60 men makes you an expert then im a goddess...
at 60 men every 10 years it would take you 100 years to catch me. however im still looking to fulfill one last fantasy of 1000 guys in a single year. guess i just like all the dicks i can get. sorry for my rant just as a woman i find the post kinda rude and based on half truth. love makes up for size in so many ways one could not understand unless they were in true love.

(Responded to by a woman)


Have u ever imagined, how can u play a girl like a guitar? Well its as sweet as it sounds... try it out.... You can make her moan, cry, laugh and make all sorts of sounds from her...

How to start...

to play a guitar u need a striker to play on the guitar strings... here the strings are inside her pussy and the striker is ur tongue...u need to identify the strings inside her pussy, unlike the guitar there are plenty of strings inside the pussy... every time u play u find that there are more and more strings inside and more and more sounds u can create by striking it..the deeper u go her sound becomes deeper..u can tighten and loosen her strings by adjusting her nipples... try it out.... u will become an expert with ur tongue.... and surely u can get her music in ur ears...she will love u for sure...

(L'Sota......Maybe that was Hendrix's trick) LOL


So me and the GF love to talk about MFM or gang bangs... straight ones that is. but we have never go through with one... more so because of her. but she loves to fantacizes about taking a bunch of dicks and it turns her on.... she also likes to wear sexy simpy or showy outfits out in public, bar, clubs, concerts. well i want to bring her home tipsy one night and tell her i have a suprise for her and its something very new for us so her mind gets going. then i plan to tie her to the bed, and blind fold her. then start messing around with her. but then some how try and make it seem like there is another person in the room. then im going to make her start sucking me. while that is going on i will place something heavy between her legs on the bed to simulate the pressance of someone else on the bed... then i will take a realistic dildo and slide it into her.

girls will have to help me onthis one more... how can i make her think another guy just slide his dick in her? want her to truely believe it is real. then if she truely liked it which she will we can move on from there.

(L'Sota....OH SHIT!!!!!!!Way to Funny!!!)


I have a huge clit. Even my doctor has brought other physicians from other offices to look at it. In fact, I've had orgasms while being examined. Has this happened to you. Being multi-orgasmic and squirting when I cum, can be very exciting. My husband and women we have shared, love it when I fill their mouths with cream and then kiss and swap the cum back and forth. I can also cum by having my nipples played with. I love to have them pulled, sucked, bitten and twisted; sometimes to the extent of being painful. I love to pinch a womans' nipples while I suck her wet pussy. Who else out there has this type of fetish?

(L'Sota........Yep...It's a medical miracle bet it even made The Guinness Book of World Records)


My wife and I are very soft swingers, no mouth kissing , no oral , no intercourse. we do like to be with others though with touching , caressing,. fingering , handjobs etc. I would have to think that this is a very safe way of swinging. I understand that it is way to boring for many but works for us. seems perfectly safe, any thoughts?

REPLY; "You could form a group of couples that promise to only have sex within the group..." Nice idea....We have often thought that would be an ideal situation, but many folks in the LS are in it for variety's sake and wouldn't be satisfied to stay within the boundaries of a small group. We'd like to hear from swingers who have actually made this venue work for any extended period of time.

REPLY; Pretty much my response has been covered, but no, anytime you have any type of sex, it can't be totally safe. Beyond regular STI's you can run the risk of other infections. Staph and other bacteria commonly live on the skin, as can E. Coli, and other infections that range from minor to serious. That said, anytime you have contact with any human, you run the risk of exposure or infection. The usual barrier methods and regular testing are the safest. Exclusivity plus the aforementioned is safer. Most fun things aren't safe! That doesn't mean that you shouldn't go out and have responsible fun.

REPLY; The type of play your describing is safer than most playing but not without risk . Anytime there is exchange of body fluid between 2 people (fingering) there is potential to exchange bugs if proper steps are not taken. Fingering would leave fluid on your hand which unless you wash your hands right after would be present will be transfered to the next person you touch. and any skin to skin contact with a person that has either an actual herpes out break or is shedding the virus without an actual visible sign of sores is extremely risky, Herpes is most often passed from a partner who has no idea they have it AND have no symptoms of it. So in our opinion if there is ANY contact between people during play there is plenty of risk.


My gf said that her OBGYN Dr asked if she was monogamous, a little shy and embarrased to respond otherwise, she replied yes. He said, well if you ever decide to have an "open" relationship or sex with more than one partner, let me know...there is a new pill (antibiotic?) I can prescribe for you...WHAT THE HELL IS HE TALKING ABOUT???? Does anybody know? Thanks!

REPLY; Viagra

REPLY; I think he found her ad online and was fishing...

REPLY; Maybe its for clymidia or something? Thats the only std i know of that is cured with antibiotics. Tell her to ask him specifically what he means next time maybe, instead of playing the guessing game lol

REPLY; If she looks close enough she will probably find his profile here someplace.

REPLY; has anyone considered that he was probably trying to figure out if he could persuade her to swing???

REPLY; Nope, Antibiotics DONT affect viruses (antivirals do), but there is no such pill for multiple partners. Sounds fishy to me. That doc reminds me of the one in "The Hand That Rocks The Craddle"... creepy. Why not try finding a swing-friendly gyn? Or just a new one at least!

REPLY; antibiotics don't control/stop virus's. There continues to be a need about basic info regarding herpes, HPV, AIDS, and the rest. we want to break down the stigma and separate fact from fiction, and oh yes hook up for some good times!



We have tried several, and I am sick of spending the money and getting home a with a product that we both do not like. i would like one that you apply and it lasts a while, with out getting tacky and you have to add more..breaking teh rhythm. He doesnt like the oily feeling ones. Ilike the ones that feel kind of like satin when they start, but they sure dont finish well.

I particularly hate the ones that leave me (she) feeling sticky every where the lube has been..even if he wasnt

Any help? suggestions?

REPLY; I recommend something called liquid silk by a company called Bodywise Limted. I get it through mail order either amazon or condom depot. The stuff comes in a pump bottle and isn't sticky or greasy and even as friction rubs is away it's not irritating and doesn't leave an unpleasant residue. I give it 2 thumbs up !

REPLY; spit

REPLY; Have been using olive oil (virgin, of course LOL) for a while and it seems to work just fine. No itching, no stains, even edible!

(L'Sota......Winner of the No Bullshit Award!)

REPLY; Yes, we left the stain sheets as evidence in Hedo this past trip! It made a real mess on my nails, and the sheets were doomed! So, I guess we'll try some other products recommended. Thanks!

REPLY; tred astroglide once but kept falling out, might have used to much. ky stains sheets

REPLY; coconut oil smells so good too :)

REPLY; Coconut oil.... all natural, last long while, great for massaging and it doesnt taste bad either.

REPLY;  You can try this it is all natural and works great for us.........

Basic Xanthan Gum Lube Recipe

1. Place 2 ounces warm water in glass

2. Add 1/4 teaspoon Xanthan Gum powder

3. Mix with electric hand blender

Store in plastic squeeze bottle in refrigerator or add citric acid powder to preserve.

Xanthan Gum powder is available from the health food store as "Bobs Red Mill" or "Now" brands.

Cost is more economical than any other lube on the market and superior to any other lube on the market.

Variation Add some drops of Peppermint Extract for tingling affect or Vanilla for scent appeal.

REPLY; We were using KY lube and found that it stains freshly french manicured nails. My nails got a horrible stained tint to them after using. Anyone else experience this and if so, what lube have you change to?

REPLY; Olive Oil. I swear! Tried it all. Wife saw this or Dr. Oz. Its perfect in every way. (And its edible!)

REPLY; - - - - has started placing a vitamin a pill inside of her down there after about 3 days of doing this there was no more need for lube she is wetter then she has ever been

REPLY; Read the label and avoid NONOXYNOL - 9 or any lube that contains it. This has known toxins that in large amounts may have devastating consequences.

REPLY; I'm really picky with lube as well lately. It may be just me...old fashioned KY works best for me. But when it warms up it STINKS like dirty ass......NOT that I smell dirty ass on a regular basis LMAO! But it just stinks to me. But with my vibrator it works best. I have also been told it can cause UTI's and I get recurrent ones so I stay away from it. Astro Glide is very viscous to me though. 

(L'Sota......"It may be just me"...Fuck me...that's funny!! Go back and read that...LOL)

REPLY; After several issues with "artificial" lubes, Dr. recommended almond oil! Works great, doesn't get in the way of oral (taste), can be used in many fun and creative ways (massage, masturbation, manual stimulation, etc).

(L'Sota......Dr. tested and recommended....???? Invest in an Almond ranch..LOL)


Just curious, but if your sexual partners' cleanliness is in such question that you wouldn't eat her out, why then are you fucking her even with a condom? Not that I don't believe in protection, but the only way to be 100% is not to do it. My honey's Grandfather told him you should never stick your dick anywhere you wouldn't put your tongue.
And even if you are all using protection on each other, but partners perform oral sex on each other do you then stop kissing them?

(L'Sota.......That's the million dollar question...LOL)

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