L’Sota’s Privacy policy

As a leading swing club L’Sota has long been concerned about protecting personal information on and off the web. L’Sota adopted its first still standing privacy principles and policies in 1989 long before L’Sota was even on the Web.

L’Sota has for over 21 (Twenty one) years considered data protection in any form as well as personal information protection a very important issue. L’Sota has and shall continue to hold all information received as strictly CONFIDENTIAL!

L'Sota shall not share, give, sell or in any way provide any membership information as well as who attended or who is attending any L'Sota function to anyone for any reason.


Our Web Site

When you visit us at www.LSOTA.com we want you to feel secure that L’Sota is respecting your privacy. In fact, the only information we have about you from your visiting our site is the information you choose to give us by filling out our guest book. We do not give or sell that information or any other information to third parties. Third parties are able to obtain the information by simply looking at the L’Sota guest book. We never use "cookies" on any of our pages or anywhere upon our site.

A cookie used by some sites is a small element of data that a Web site can send to your browser, which may then store it on your system.

The L’Sota Web Site does use counters which helps us determine how many people visit the site and what pages they view. We use this information to better serve all visitors as well as our members as we continue to improve our site content and design. We do not collect information on the domains from which people visit us. We do not share any information on our counters with any third parties.

L’Sota is committed to protecting personal privacy, we are committed to protecting the privacy of all the L’Sota members both on line as well as off line. L’Sota realizes it is in a unique position to deliver the capability for protecting personal information of each and every member of L’Sota.


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