"Single" Females

Come join in the fun at L'Sota

L'Sota defines a "single female" as any woman 21 years of age or older that attends L'Sota without a male or female partner. She may be married or in any type of relationship when not attending a L'Sota function. All single females are warmly welcome to attend. As always, total discretion is assured at all L'Sota functions.

L'Sota is well known for catering to "single" woman. "Single" woman love attending L'Sota due to many facts. "Single" woman know that they will be safe, respected and treated like a queen. L'Sota's owners as well as hosts are VERY protective of all single females that attend. "Single" females that attend are protected from any pressure or "Crap" of any kind from anyone!

L'Sota Camp Outs as well as at all of our functions

As a single female, are you looking for some secure and discreet fun? A location where you are able to let your hair down and really enjoy yourself? Is your desire to meet great new people and maybe make new friends? Are you tired of the same ol' boring "singles" dances or Meet & Greets?

Are you tired of the same ol' "bar scene," only to discover that by 10:00 pm a large portion of the patrons are "toast" and if you wanted to play you know the quaility would be lacking? If you are in fact like most women, you find that obnoxious drunks really aren't your thing and certainly not a major turn on. L'Sota is the alternative adult club where "no strings" "no BS" and NO THANKS really does Means NO and NO IS enforced!

Have you ever truly desired to explore your sexuality in the most discreet way to the fullest level of your comfort? Do you enjoy the outdoors, camping in your own tent or RV or even thought about renting a camper trailer with air conditioning, a shower and bathroom etc? How about A camper like this that is set up and ready for you to enjoy a night or a full weekend of fun and adventure? At L'Sota, you can do just that and so much more!

How about dancing with others to the best dance music, the latest Rock-Pop-Club Mixes-House Techno-Country-Blues and more. Mingle around a camp fire or in the Club House, Swim, Hot Tub, or just relax, all of which is totally clothing optional, your choice!

Music is provided by professional DJ's that will take all of your requests. Professional sound and lighting equipment, will make the dancing and listening pleasureable. Dance from 8:30 PM until Midnight or later when the Group Suite opens for your intimate pleasures.

Camp Out Dances are held Outdoors on a large deck that is close proximity to the in-ground Pool and Hot Tub. In the event of rain, the danec is held in the Dance Barn which is a large Dance Barn connect to the Club House. Smoking is permitted anywhere inside or out and it's ALL BYOB.

During the day or night, feel free to lay by the Pool, Hot Tub, Swim, or mingle around the Pool or in the Club House. If you so desire, simply relax on the deck in your swim wear, even partially or fully nude. The choice is always yours. The in-ground Pool & Hot as well as the Club House is open every night until 3:00 A.M. and reopens at 9:00 A.M.

Other L'Sota Dance Events

L'Sota hosts functions in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area. L'Sota is the true adult member’s only alternative adults only private party club for all of Illinois, Iowa and the surrounding states.

L'Sota is THE upscale members only private exclusive party club where you are able to meet other like-minded adults that enjoy a great party, just like you do.

L'Sota hosts one Dance Blast Social most every month, featuring the "high energy club atmosphere" without all of the "hassles" that go along with regular public clubs, bars and Meet & Greets. L’Sota further hosts one Play Nights party most every month in the Cedar Rapids area.

Now you are able to meet others in a controlled, discreet, clean and safe setting, which eliminates the undesirable elements that unfortunately so often go hand in hand with public bars and clubs open to the general public.

Meet other single females, couples as well as a very limited number of sponsored single male members in a clean, safe, secure, fun setting. Let your hair down to most any degree that you feel comfortable. L'Sota has been a private adults only club for all of the Midwest for over twenty years.

At all L’Sota Dance Blasts, L'Sota features professional DJ's with a totally professional large sound and light show for your dancing pleasure that equals most any system found in public club.

L'Sota's DJ's play all of your favorite hits from the 50's through today's hits. Rock, New Club Mixes, Pop, Oldies, Hip-Hop, Blues, Country, new age and more. Your requests are always welcome or bring your own CD music, we'll play them. Dance in a discreet, clean, private members only ballroom. BYOB, bring your own cooler and drinks of choice into the group suite after the dance. There is a cash bar outside of the ballroom during the dance.

After the dance it's B.Y.O.B. to the Hospitality and G.S. suites. Security is always on site to keep L'Sota a "member's only" private party.

Deluxe motel accommodations are also available as an option with big discounts to L'Sota members, should you desire to stay the entire evening. Two large heated indoor pool as well as a hot tub and Sauna is also on site.

Special dances that you may desire to be part of at L'Sota's Dance Blast Social includes; the Ladies Only Dance, Snowball as well as the famous and very popular L'Sota Spoon Dance.

Age of attendee's at L'Sota range from 21-60's years of age, with the average being mid 30ish to through 60ish.

L'Sota is the exclusive adults only club where other like-minded single females and couples want to meet you. At L'Sota you are able experiment with your personal sexuality and allow yourself to let go and enjoy. L'Sota is clean, hot, friendly, discreet and oh so private.

Bring your friends, a date, a mate or as a "single female" just yourself, you are always warmly welcomed at L'Sota. At L'Sota you shall always be treated with the utmost of respect. We look forward to meeting you.

Call now to make your reservations for the next L'Sota function or you may register on line, don't miss it! Click on the red link below. L'Sota is a not-for- profit club that invites you to come join us for adult fun! You are now able to join L'Sota and/or register for the next Dance Blast Social on line by clicking here on this link.


You are able to become a L'Sota single female member and/or register for the next Play Nights by clicking HERE

At L'Sota, females attend both the L'Sota Dance Blast Socials, as well as the L'Sota Play Nights. Women that do attend as "singles" are always warmly welcomed by all.

Total respect to and by all L'Sota members is just one aspect of what sets L'Sota apart from general public clubs. As a "single" female attending L'Sota, you shall feel right at home and safe at all of the L'Sota functions all of the time.

The hosts of L'Sota will introduce you to everyone and will even team you up with another L'Sota female or you may want to hang out with the hosts if that is your desire.

At L'Sota you are able to relax and enjoy at all times in a "NO THANK YOU" means "NO THANK YOU" setting. At L'Sota you are able to enjoy dancing with males, females and couples without the judgmental mentality of others which can occur in public bars/clubs. Meet other quality "singles" as well as couples at all L'Sota dances, parties and other functions.

Once inside the ballroom you are able to of course wear what ever you're comfortable wearing, jeans, shorts, a skirt or wear what you dare. At most Dance Blasts you'll see most anything and everything being the proper attire.

Please keep your nipples and genitals covered at all times while in the ballroom or in any public area of the motel/hotel. Please wear a cover-up while walking from the ballroom to the restrooms etc. if you're wearing something that you wouldn't feel comfortable having your children see one wearing.

If you have never before attended any L'Sota dance or other L'Sota function as a "single" female your required pre dance orientation as well as your first dance is donation free. All that is required of you is to join L'Sota as a "single" female member. L'Sota's full "single" female membership is only 25.00 per year.

Once you become a L'Sota "single" female member subsequent dances that you attend are only 15.00-20.00 depending upon the dance. Your membership allows you admittance to the hospitality and Group Suites after the dance. (Motel / Hotel accommodations are optional and of course extra).

Play Nights for single women are only 15.00 as a "single" female L’Sota member.

As a "single" female once you are a L'Sota member your L'Sota membership includes admission to the "members only" (which shall be available and all new in late fall of 2012) area on this web site that will feature personal ads, a chat room, the ability to have your picture(s) featured on L'Sota's Hot Pic Pages, a free home page on the L'Sota site, the online L'Sota newsletter as well as other special offers.

If you desire as well as require total discretion for whatever reason, you can be assured that L'Sota shall never release any information about you to anyone for any reason at any time. At L'Sota you can be assured that your privacy shall always be protected.

You are able to be as discreet as you would like to be. What occurs and who attends L'Sota stays at all L'Sota functions. Your identity shall never be revealed to anyone for any reason without you personally divulging that information.

There are many reasons why "single" females choose L'Sota over a public club/bar setting. At L'Sota you are able to dance in your sexiest lingerie, let your hair down, relax, and socialize with others that are truly open and like-minded adults and who like you enjoy sexuality and adult fun.

At L'Sota you will meet others from Illinois, Iowa and the surrounding states. Come join the fun, adventure and sexsational excitement at L'Sota.


Frequently Asked Questions by "single" females

Q: I would enjoy attending a L'Sota function as a "single" female however I won't know anyone, what can I do?

A: You are able if you request to be "teamed" up with a host female of L'Sota. This would be a female that has been active within L'Sota as well as the Alternative Adult Lifestyle for many years. When making your L'Sota reservation simply ask to to be teamed up with a L'Sota female. A female of L'Sota will be happy to tell you about as well as discuss the "pair up" program available to you at L'Sota. At L'Sota there is no such thing as a stranger.


Q: I would like to find out much more about L'Sota and "swinging". I see you have a couples workshop, may I attend that as a single female?

A: Yes you may! The couples workshop is geared towards both couples as well as single females. There will NOT be any single males attend the couples/single female workshops.


Q: What is a "single" female?

A: A "single" female by L'Sota's definition is any female that does not attend with a partner. Your martial status is entirely your own business, or if you are involved in any type of relationship. This again is totally your business. Nowhere on the L'Sota application does it ask for your marital status. In all honesty we don't care, nor should anyone else, it's not anyone else’s business but your own. As a "single" female we would welcome you no matter what your status is.


Q: How will I know what to expect?

A: If you desire to attend a L'Sota Dance Blast you will be required to attend a pre-dance orientation which begins at 5:30 pm the afternoon of the Dance Blast Social you wish to attend.

If you desire to attend a L'Sota's Play Nights you will be required to attend a pre-dance orientation which begins at 7:30 pm the evening of the Play Nights you wish to attend. You are only required to attend orientation once.  Once you have completed orientation, either the pre-Dance Blast or the Pre-Play Nights orientation you will know exactly what to expect.


Q: As a "single" female why would I want to attend L'Sota?

A: If you are like many "single" women that have a business career or other things going on in your life, you may not have the time or the desire to be in a long term committed type of relationship. You may not desire to play all the games that come into play when you do the public bar or club scene. Internet "dating" is at best a crap shoot. You may desire to experiment with your total sexual identify in a discreet, clean and safe setting with others that are attending for the very same reason.

You may desire to live out your most intimate fantasies. You may be bored in your current situation. You may want to use the L'Sota functions as the "girls night out." You may be visiting from another city or state and desire something different to do. You may simply desire to experience total sexual freedoms and pleasures in a secure, discreet, safe and clean setting. There are as many reasons why you would want to attend L'Sota as there are stars in the sky. L'Sota can be most anything that you desire it to be.


Q: As a single female may I attend Play Nights?

A: Yes, you may and again you would be warmly welcomed. Play Nights is a great opportunity for you as a female to get naked and enjoy true sexual pleasures. You would be treated like a queen. You would have virtually your choice of any or all of the males as well as most all of the females that are in attendance.

Play Nights is a "come to the room..take off your clothes...hit a bed" type of function. Many women enjoy this openness. Most certainly you would go home extremely sexually satisfied. Click on the link here to see Play Nights. This is much more of a sexual evening then a social evening.


Q: May I ask anyone at the dance to dance with me and will he or she?

A: Certainly you may ask anyone, male or female, to dance with you. Most often they shall be more then happy to. In a short period you will have many that would ask you to dance as well and be making new acquaintances and maybe even friends. At L'Sota you will never be short on dance partners.


Q: Will ladies that are the ladies of couples be upset or jealous if I ask their male partner to dance?

A: No! In fact most other females would welcome that. If their male partner is dancing with someone else that then gives them the chance and opportunity to dance with other males or other females themselves. Just like you, they also want to meet other females as well as males and couples. You as a "single" female shall be welcomed with open arms by all other "single" ladies as well as by all other women and males that are in attendance.


Q: What if I am asked to dance with someone that I am not at all interested in dancing with?

A: Not a problem. Simply say "no thank you." We cover how to do just that and more in detail at orientation. No feelings shall be hurt. Remember, at L'Sota "no thank you" means "no thank you." No member shall ever be pushy or pressure you to do ANYTHING that you are not 100% comfortable doing.

This topic is well covered at orientation. If you would ever be feeling as though you are being pressured by anyone or that someone is not understanding the meaning of "no thanks" or someone would ever be "bothering" you, immediately contact the hosts of L'Sota and/or security. The staff would then immediately handle the problem. The problem person in a discreet manner would then be asked to leave. Further that person would lose all membership privileges of attending any future L'Sota functions.


Q: What is proper attire to wear at a L'Sota function?

A: Anything that you feel comfortable wearing. Most all of the L'Sota dances do have themes. Most, however not all, do get into the theme. You are certainly not required to do so. You are able to wear shirts, slacks, blouses, evening wear, jeans, t-shirts, dresses, lingerie, whatever you desire to wear. Many women will wear lingerie under their outer clothing so they can take off what they want to as the evening progresses. Others will change into something more "comfortable" later in the evening.

It's totally up to you. All that is required is that at all times in the ballroom that your nipples as well as your genitals are completely covered. In the public areas of the buildings we ask that you cover up so that your attire would not be offensive to mothers if their small children would see you. To attend Play Nights you can wear what ever you desire. Some women attend in sweats as you won't have what ever you are wearing on long.


Q: What is proper to wear after the dance if I as a "single" female choose to go to the L'Sota hospitality suite?

A: After the dance the hospitality suite opens at which time street clothing is not permitted in the hospitality suite. At that time you can wear lingerie, boxers, long t-shirts, etc. Always cover up with a robe while traveling in the halls between your room and the hospitality suite.


Q: What is the hospitality suite?

A: The L'Sota hospitality suite is just that -- a hospitality suite where many of members congregate to socialize after the dance. You most certainly are not required to go to the hospitality suite. There are complimentary munchies, soft drinks as well as mixes available. You may also B.Y.O.B. to the hospitality suite. The L'Sota hospitality suites open immediately after the dance and close at 3:00 a.m.


Q: As a "single" female, am I able to bring a female(s) or male friend(s) with me?

A: Yes you are. We would welcome you as well as any friend(s) that you desire to bring. If you desire to bring along a female friend (or female friends) then they must also complete the L'Sota application, present two forms of ID as well as attend the pre dance orientation and become a member.

If you desire to bring along a male then you and he would be classified as a couple and would be required to modify your membership accordingly.


Q: I feel as though I am a Bi curious female. I would like to speak to other Bi females to understand my feelings. Am I able to do so at L'Sota?

A: Absolutely you are. The female host of L'Sota is Bi. She of course has been exactly where you are once upon a time, that being new. Many of the females of couples that are L'Sota members are Bi. These women have enjoyed many years of enjoying Bi experiences. They would be happy to talk with you about your feelings as well as how to act upon those feelings.

Any of the Bi female's of L'Sota would be happy to talk with you at a dance about this. We are caring, knowledgeable, loving people that founded L'Sota over twewnty years ago. You would feel extremely comfortable with us as many other "single" females have. You may always reach us directly at 319-329-3306. You may leave a message, as this is the L'Sota number.


Q: As a "single" female, will I be "hit on" by males of couples?

A: As with any and all females at L'Sota you would without a doubt be talked to by others as well as asked to dance. The word "hit on" is a pretty strong word.

At L'Sota it's always total respect, therefore, if someone did ask you to dance and you weren't interested in that person or didn't feel like you wanted to for whatever reason you certainly are able to say "no thank you," that would end it. Per L'Sota rules no one, if they desire to continue to attend L'Sota, will ever "bother" you by not taking "no thanks" for an answer. No matter what they ask of you, NO always means NO!


Q: I am a "single" female totally into women, would I fit in at L'Sota?

A: Yes! You would be surprised at how many women that attend L'Sota as "single" females as well as females of couples are really seeking other woman only. What you may discover is that there are couples where the male of the couple will not "permit" his partner to go off with another woman without him being there, even though she would really love to.

Always ask the female if she is able to do that before you assume that she can if that is what you are seeking. There are certainly female members of L'Sota that will play alone with other "single" women without any males involved.


Q: What if I desire not to use my real name at a L'Sota function?

A: No one is required to use their real names at L'Sota. The only individuals that shall know your true identity would be the hosts of L'Sota and there are two. To everyone else you may use any name you desire. You are never required to provide any personal information to anyone once you have completed your paperwork and your application.

If someone asks for your telephone number, as an example, you may if you so desire tell them simply that I don't give that out. We would strongly suggest that you do get to know the individuals well that you may provide your phone number to. This choice however is totally yours to make. Once again, you are never required to do anything with anyone for any reason at L'Sota that you are not 100% comfortable doing, this includes providing personal information. Simply don't provide it if you're not comfortable doing so.


Q: Am I able to leave any time I desire?

A: Most certainly you are. Once again at L'Sota you are able to do whatever you desire as long as you are respectful to all others in attendance at all times. Also, we ask that you comply with all local, state and federal laws while you are attending any and all L'Sota functions.


Q: What if I see someone that I know at a L'Sota function?

A: They would be doing the very same thing that you are doing, that is attending a L'Sota function. This has in twenty years happened so very seldom that it really shouldn't be a concern. Even when it has occurred which has been less then a hand full of times, there were no ramifications from that occurring.

We understand, however, that those not familiar with L'Sota as well as the Alternative Adult Lifestyle "swinging" are concerned about this. If you think about it, in actuality what are you doing? You're checking out an adults only club, that's all. You are attending an adult dance, that's it.

The chance of this occurring is remote at best. Some worry about their employers discovering that they attend.

How is an employer going to discover that you are attending unless they themselves are attending….Ha!…. L'Sota is not a public Meet & Greet setting where you could get outted very easily.

Now, you would have something very much in common to talk about with the"boss" at the water cooler. The only way anyone would discover that you attended is if you told him or her or they also were in attendance. Even if they did see at the dance as long as you didn't "do" them how would they know what you did?

At L'Sota couples and "single" females attend from Iowa also as far away as Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Kansas, Illinois, and South Dakota.


Q: As a "single" female, what if I just desire to attend a L'Sota function and just check it out?

A: L'Sota would welcome you at any Dance Blast Social. You are able to attend the Dance Blast and check it out by simply becoming a member and attending the pre-dance orientation. To simply check out Play Nights? No, sorry.

At L'Sota you never would be or will be required to do anything! Obviously at L’Sota or anywhere else you should not ever do anything that you are not 100% plus comfortable doing.


Q: I am a "single" female that is not in super great shape. I have had children and I have gained a few extra pounds. My body is not what it once was. Will that make a difference?

A: NO! Not to those that attend L'Sota. At L'Sota you will see small ones, short ones, heavy ones, tall ones, skinny ones, and everything in between. What does make a difference is that you posses an open adult attitude and that you are a nice, hygienically clean, fun and honest person.

L'Sota is real people with open minds that care about who you are as a person.


Q: What is the average age of those that are members of L'Sota?

A: The average age is somewhere in the mid to late 30's. The youngest members are in their 20's, the oldest are in their late 60's.


Q: Will anyone ever know that I attend L'Sota functions?

A: Only if you desire to tell them. All of L'Sota's records, applications and who attends L'Sota are held in strict confidence. Records or information shall not be released to anyone for any reason at any time. For twenty years L'Sota has held and shall continue to hold each and every L'Sota membership in total confidentiality.


Q: As a "single" female, I want to sit down and talk to someone about what L’Sota is all about on a one to one basis. Can I do that?

A: Yes. Simply call the L’Sota hotline numbers at 319-329-3306. The hosts of L’Sota, would be happy to meet with you to discuss what L’Sota is and what L’Sota isn’t.


Q: How can I find out more information about L'Sota?

A: L'Sota has made an extreme effort to place as well as to provide to you as much information as we could upon this web site. We update this site continually. Please take a little time to read as well as review the entire L'Sota web site.

Most all if not all of your questions are more than likely addressed within this site. If you have any specific questions whatsoever, please feel free to call the L'Sota hot line numbers at 319-329-3306. You may leave a message as this number is the L'Sota number and only answered by the hosts of L'Sota.

We hope you have enjoyed this page. We look forward to meeting you at an upcoming L'Sota function. As a mature adult woman, you will love the uncomplicated ways of L'Sota. No games at L'Sota -- only great party excitement, sexuality and adventures. Discover why more and more "single" women are enjoying the Alternative Adult Lifestyle of L'Sota.


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