Dave's Observations

Wowsa, Holy Shit, are only some of the descriptive narratives that I so often use. I have, in fact, thought and thought about what the hell I am going to write on this page. As its name implies, I am going to give you my no bullshit observations on what I see happening in he world of swing and the Alernative Adult Lifestyle.

Let me first say for those who do not know me, I do, most often with close friends, tell it how I see it. I'm not one to sugar coat what I say. Professionally, I attempt to be diligent in my diplomacy, but it's 2:20 A.M. and I left my diplomatic ways in the office earlier this evening.

Most new couples that think they want to swing, swap or what ever the hell they desire to call it, truly do want to get naked and play; at least that's what one of the "he" or "she" of that couple desire. What I mean by that is, not often does both the "he" as well as the "she" of the couple desire to play, fuck etc. with others of the opposite sex, at least with their partners knowledge and consent.

Most often it's the "he" that thinks it's a great idea. Seldom, however, make no mistake, it does happen where the "she" has brought the idea to her partners attention.

So, why don't we talk about what happens with some "couples" when they take the big step and desire to become s-w-i-n-g-e-r-s?  Now remember, to be a swinger or a swapper or a fucker or what ever you deem to call it, there must be honesty. Must? OK, that may be too strong a word.

If you're a male and reading this, I shake your hand! Why, you may ask? Because most males are total and true experts in the field of fucking....hell just ask them! For most men to read this far into our pages? Why would they even attempt to gain knowledge that may help them help their wife, girlfriend or significant other, not to mention themselves, to obtain knowledge per openly and interact and communicate with their partner.

Hell, as I think about and type this, I could write a book, even put on seminars.....Hey wait, both are in the works! That is totally another article.

Guys, all I will say is please be respectful to your partner! Without her, this Lifestyle would be nothing but a circle jerk for you. Women are the Queens of the Lifestyle as well as the Queens of life itself!

Show me a male that thinks he knows all that there is to know about swinging, swapping, fucking (call it what you like) and I'll show you a man that once his female partner begins to enjoy it will be the first to bail out of it!

There are soooo many that swing but they don't even know that they do it. They don't attend swing clubs, or meet & greets, they aren't on "swingers" sites. People who don't realize that go to bars to get laid, put the moves on their neighbors, co workers, place profiles on "dating" sites or simply have multiple sex partners they swing. No matter, they still, as many would say "swing".

I am lovingly referred to by many women as a slut. Why? Because I am! I seldom play on dance nights with my partner(s) for the simple reason we are so busy making sure everyone is having a wonderful time, that no one enters the dances that aren't members, DJing, hell the list goes on. Play Nights is totally another story' that is one arena where I as well as my partner(s) do play.

I have 5-10 women at any given time that I do play with on a nightly basis.  Certainly not all at once, often, however, I will do threesomes even foursomes with women as well as, of course, one-on-ones. No, they are not swingers, not on swinger sites, many don't do the bar scene, most don't even drink and they sure as hell don't do illegal drugs. They, like myself, simply enjoy hours of passion, orgasms, talk, and more orgasms. The funny thing is, all of these women know of the others.

When I meet a women, I'm totally upfront with what I can offer and what I can't. A serious, monogamous relationship for me is not even within my vocabulary, I actually tell them this.

Am I bragging? Not even close! What I am saying is that sex is enjoyed by women as much, or even more so then what it is by men. The problem is that so many men won't, don't or have no interest or intention of, or in totally pleasing and satisfying women. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot!

Sex is like anything else, you certainly must practice, practice and practice to be any good. So what does this have to do with the club or swinging? One hell of a lot!

If you are, in fact, going to swing, swap partners, "indulge" or what ever the hell you call it, you as well as your female partner really should be on the same page. Let's face it, it's difficult to have a female and male click enough to have good sex, let alone great sex. Now, add to that another male and female "another couple" and wowsa, you could have a hell of a mess.

Let's face it, Sex is sex, it's like an art. Many men and I'm sure a few women fantasize and even masturbate thinking about orgies with many partners, fucking everybody's wife, girlfriend, husband etc. But when it comes right down to it....are they able? Sex is simply not what is between your legs, it also has to do with what is between your ears as in a brain.

What I find totally humorous is women that drink before sex...What the hell? It's hard enough to get some women off, and I mean off as in intense orgasms without the numbing effects of alcohol. Add a few drinks, then their clitty starts to become numb and man, you have to work overtime....LOL

It's always been my contention, if alcohol is needed to have sex, place the sex on hold and drink. If you're going to fuck then fuck, get the full pleasure as well as numerous intense orgasms out of the event.

As we're moving along here, another thing I think is funnier then hell are those that post pictures on sites. Sure they may have a beautiful woman as a partner or a long dong BUT how do the perform? I have fucked women that, if they were autos, would be compared to a new Ferrari, beautiful and sleek. But once you get them in bed, their performance however, is like that of a '64 VW. Not at all impressive. On the other hand, I have been with women that are pounds overweight, have a few stretch marks here and there, but far out perform the "10's" hands down.

It's all about enthusiasm, attitude, libido (sex drive) and if they really enjoy sex! Age is something else., I have been with 20 and 30 - somethings that were out - performed many times over by 60 or even 70 year old women. They may not have been as "hot" as the 30' somethings but do you fuck "hot" or do you fuck performance? Of course there are exceptions to all rules, performance is a good thing at any age.

What the hell is it about the cock and pussy shots some place on swing sites? What the hell, a puss is a puss and a cock is a cock. I'm much more interested if she can pass the "sniff test" after all, pussy is simply that - pussy - most all of it looks the same. Maybe some that are not that experienced really may not know that? If pussy was that much different they would take pussy prints, not finger prints!

In any event, why is it so difficult for some to simply meet, and if they click, get naked and play? Some couples bitch and complain that they can't get hooked up. Hell, it's simply sex! If you meet with a couple or single that are clean as in hygienically clean, good to fairly attractive and are able to speak in full sentences....why not take them to bed?

Some couples act like they're "dating"! WTF.....??? Hell, take 3 hours of your time and relax, have a few orgasms and go home, why is that so difficult? Ladies and gentleman, it's simply sex! You're not going to be judged upon your performance. You don't have to be long lost friends, meet their dog and kids or look at their tax returns to get naked and fuck.

To really truly enjoy sex simply as hedonistic sex to the fullest, erase your mental chalk board of what you've been taught and what the moral "majority" has fed you, understand that your sexuality is just that -YOUR sexuality! As long as all those that you're sexually involved with agrees with what you desire sexually, then....cool!

Some sexual acts that you may think is "kinky" but really isn't, would include, but is not limited to; watching your partner fuck another man or woman. For men, this is one of the biggies. Most men think about (fantasize) about this but few have the balls to follow through. And hey, to actually "allow" their female partner to fuck another male? Most men are NOT secure enough with themselves or with their own sexuality to "allow" her to get laid by another man while he watches or helps her out.

What most men do not get is that if they would simply ask their female partner if she would like to do a threesome with another male, she would be at the least, takenback if not in total shock! This is for the newbies or those not well into swinging.

Guys, you need to know how to approach this topic as well as many other topics to get the full benefits out of swinging. That is why we at L'Sota have workshops for couples.

Rather then go for your gusto, that being to push your female partner to do a threesome with another woman, "for your fantasy" go for what SHE, your female partner desires! What woman wouldn't want two men pleasing as well as fulfilling her to the fullest? Most women would IF, your approach is correct.

As I previously mentioned, I could and will write a book. In the spring of 2012 we will be hosting a " couples workshops" for couples as well as singles. See "couples workshop" here on the L'Sota site.

One issue that frosts my ass are the limp dicks that get into swinging, the Lifestyle, call it what you may that are seeking to upgrade. What I mean is that these are the guys that get into it thinking they are going to up-grade to someone else's wife or partner or a permanent basis.

Yep, there are those assholes that really feel as those that is going to happen!These types stick out like a sore ass! Again, this is something that we go over at our workshops.

Have to run, it's time for bed. Thanks for stopping by. Looking forward to meeting you if I haven't already done so.

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